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Eligible Applicants

Incorporated cities and towns, counties, special districts and joint powers boards

Eligible SLIB Meetings

CWC applications may be considered at any regularly scheduled SLIB meeting.

Timing of Applications

Certified countywide consensus lists and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Office at least thirty-five (35) calendar days prior to any regular or special meeting of the Board. Applicants must cure any deficiencies in their applications(s) no later than twenty-one (21) calendar days before any scheduled meeting of the Board.


Each applicant must complete the following on legal size paper (8 ½ x 14) to submit to your county:


Vehicle Replacement Certification

The County will then complete the Joint Resolution form for the appropriate funding source.

CWC BFY 11/12

CWC BFY 13/14

CWC BFY 15/16

The County will submit the appropriate Joint Resolution form along with the application for each project listed on the Countywide Consensus Form to the Office of State Lands and Investments 122 West 25th Street Cheyenne, WY 82002

If you have any questions please call (307)777-7309

Grant Draft Request (GDR)

Grant Draft Request (GDR)

Combined Grant Draft Request (GDR)

Contractors and Design Firms Certification

Contractors and Design Firms Certification