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Lease Bonding Information

Lease bonds are required to be posted in between the time of lease acquisition and APD approval. There are two types of lease bonds, individual or blanket, please refer to the links below for more information on lease bonding.

Rules and Regulations of the SBLC Chapter 18, Section 13.

Individual Bond Document- Corporate Surety Bond Form

Blanket Bond- Corporate Surety Bond Form

Rental Information

Rentals are due on leases in two situations: if the lease is not producing, the entire rental is due; if the lease is producing, the rental due is the difference between minimum annual royalty and royalties paid or the full rental amount, whichever is smaller. The rental schedule for Bentonite leases are as follows: $1 per acre for the first five years of the lease, $2 per acre for the second five years of the lease. If the lease is renewed after the initial 10 year lease, the rental stays at $2 per acre. The third 10 year renewal rental is $3 per acre, and the fourth renewal at $4 per acre. For more information regarding Bentonite lease rent, please refer to Rules and Regulations of the SBLC Chapter 22, Section 6.

Idle Well Bonding Information

Idle well bonds are used to protect the financial liability of non-hydrocarbon producing wells or “idle wells”. Below is information regarding idle well bonds.

Policy: Idle well bonding per foot of well bore

Rules and Regulations of the SBLC Chapter 18, Section 12 (b)

Non-Hydrocarbon Producing Well Bond- Corporate Surety Bond Form

Fresh Water Frac Pit Bonding Information

Fresh Water Hydraulic Fracturing Pit (Frac Pit) bonds are accepted for frac pits that are permitted through the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC) but may not be bonded through WOGCC. OSLI requires a reclamation bond for frac pits on Trust Land that are not bonded with OGCC. Below are links to more information regarding frac pit bonds.

Policy: Allowance of Freshwater Frac Pits

Fresh Water Frac Pit Bond- Owners Surety Bond Form

Liquidated Damages Information

Liquidated damages are a one time payment used to extend the primary term of the lease. Liquidated damages are required to be submitted as cash through wire transfer or corporate check. For more information regarding liquidated damages please refer to the links below.

Rules and regs

Instructions for wire transfer

Information regarding extensions