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Application and Permitting Process

Applicants for both fossil removal permit types must file an application with OSLI and a required application fee of $50. Exclusive Commercial permittees must also submit the initial $10,000 minimum annual royalty with the application. The same $10,000 minimum annual royalty is required to be submitted every year the Exclusive Commercial permit is in place. No minimum annual royalty is required for Non-Exclusive Scientific Permits.

Application: Non-Exclusive Scientific Fossil Removal Permit

Sample Permit: Non-Exclusive Scientific Fossil Removal Permit

Application: Exclusive Commercial Scientific Fossil Removal Permit

Sample Permit: Exclusive Commercial Scientific Fossil Removal Permit

Ownership, Sale, and Royalty

Below is a table outlining the ability to sale, and royalty due from various types of fossils for Exclusive Commercial Fossil Removal Permits as defined by

Rules and Regulations of the SBLC Chapter 11, Section 6 and Section 7.

Fossil Ability to Sale Royalty Rate
Genera: Knightia Yes None
Genera: Diplomystus Yes None
Genera: Priscacara Yes None
Genera: Phareodus Yes None
Genera: Mioplosus Yes None
Genera: Notogoneus Yes None
Genera: Amphiplaga Yes None
Gastropods Yes None
Bivalves Yes None
Coprolites Yes None
Plant Fossils Yes None
Gars Yes 10% Gross Sale Price
Rays Yes 10% Gross Sale Price
Bowfish Yes 10% Gross Sale Price
Paddlefish Yes 10% Gross Sale Price
All other specimens Only after review by OSLI If approved: 10% Gross Sale Price

All specimens collected under a Non-Exclusive Scientific Fossil Removal Permit are considered on loan by the Stateof Wyoming and can only leave the State of Wyoming after given approval by OSLI.

Quarrying Requests

Applications for Fossil Removal Permits need to be acompanied with a quarrying request containing the following information:

  • Contact information for principal permittee and information regarding other quarrying operations the principal operates.
  • Location of the desired quarrying area described using legal subdivision.
  • Proposed commencement and completion dates.
  • A U.S. Geological survey topographic quadrangle map showing:
    • Legal Boundaries of the proposed quarry
    • If any previous quarrying operations in and around the proposed quarry
    • Proposed access routes
  • A description of the quarrying operation, to include:
    • Estimate of the position and thickness of the anticipated non-fossiliferous overburden.
    • Estimate of maximum depth of the proposed quarry.
    • A complete description of the process to be used to remove topsoil and overburden, removal of fossil-bearing rock, recovery of fossils from the fossil-bearing rock, and site restoration and reclamation after abandonment.
    • A description of the pre-quarry and proposed post-quarry land use.
  • A list of bona fide agents or persons to work at the quarry. This list must be updated with OSLI through the duration of the permit.
  • Name, location, and representative contact information for the institution in which fossils will be displayed or used (Non-Exclusive Scientific Permits only)
  • A sworn statement that all information contained in the quarrying request is true and correct to the best knowledge of the permittee.

Quarrying/Excavating Requirement and Prohibited Practices

Prior to quarrying and excavating activities, fossil removal permittees must have a land survey performed by a licensed Wyoming surveyor to define the permitted area using permanent and locatable corner stakes or markers. All excavated overburden must be contained within the permitted site and topsoil removed as overburden must be stored separate from other soil. Topsoil must be reseeded within thrity days of removal to pervent erosion and to protect the topsoil pile. Heavy machinery must only be used for the removal of overburden and may not be used to excavate fossils in order protect rare and unusual specimens. The permit site must be kept clean at all times; camp refuse, petroleum products, and other trash and debris must be removed from the site.


Exclusive Commercial Fossil Removal Permits are required to be bonded at $600 per acre of permitted area. Bonding for Non-Exclusive Fossil Removal Permits is at the discretion of OSLI.

OSLI Bonding Guide Page

Reclamation and Inspection

Reclamation of any quarried area within the permit area is required to be reclaimed within 30 days after abandonment of the quarry operation. It is suggested that reclamation is performed concurrent with quarrying to achieve successful reclamation.

Reclamation of the quarried area is required to have vegetative production as good or better than the surrounding rangeland and for the site to be physically stable. Reclamation inspections are performed by the Field Services Division (FSD) of OSLI.

Furthermore, the permit area, fossils excavated, storage facility, as well as preparatory and sale locations may be subject to inspection by OSLI staff, Wyoming Geological Survey Staff, and law enforcement officers.

Abandonment of Fossil Removal Permits

A fossil removal permit will be considered abandoned if any of the following occurs:

  • Permittee notifies OSLI that quarrying operations have been completed and the permit area is reclaimed.
  • Minimum Annual Royalty is not paid on Exclusive Commercial permits
  • Permittee fails to file for renewal of the permit
  • No more commercially or scientifically valuable fossils remain in the quarry

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