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SRF Affordability/Disadvantage Community Criteria and Scoring Model

SRF Affordability/Disadvantage Community Criteria and Scoring Model

Mineral Royalty Grants (MRG) Q&A

Q: On the Application cover Page under “Funding Sources”, do I list the amount that is being requested from SLIB?

A: No, only list other funding sources and mark if pending or approved, and the amount

Q: Where do I enter the grant amount requested on the cover page?

A: At the bottom of the Application cover sheet – be sure the reimbursement rate percentage (%) is correct

Q: What is the Statement of Feasibility?

A: It is a letter from the engineer stating that the project has been reviewed and it is feasible.

Q: Where do I get the information on Levied Mills and Assessed Valuation for the General Financial form?

A: From the County Assessor’s office.

Q: What type of information is required for population?

A: List number of individuals that live in the City/Town or special district, the number of individuals the project will service and what the percentage of service vs. total population, and a map of the area

Q: What kind of review is needed from the County and City/Town?

A: The board of county commissioner shall review: (1)The ability of the special district to fund the project through bonds, (2) whether the project is adverse to the needs, plans or general welfare of the county, (3) whether the special district has utilized local funding resources, and (4) whether the special district has met county standards. If any part of the special district lies within five (5) miles of the corporate limits of any city or town, the special district’s grant or loan application shall also receive a written review from the governing body of the city or town.

State Revolving Funds (SRF) Q&A

Q: What if we do not have our environmental review completed, publication of FONSI or CAT EX completed before the Part II application is due?

A: You should submit the incomplete Part II application, including all the financial information by the due date. You can include a cover letter as to the status of the missing items

Q: What if we have not had our public meeting or finalization of the meeting notes for Part I or II application?

A: You should include a letter of explanation of when you plan on having your meeting and when we can expect the proof of publication for the meeting and the meeting notes.

Q: Part II of the application page 3 section A; is this for all the funding for the project or just the SRF funding?

A: It is strictly for the SRF funding.

Q: How many copies are required for the Capacity Assessment and Capacity Worksheets on DWSRF?

A: Three (3) copies of the Capacity Assessment and Worksheets must be submitted

Q: How many copies are required of the Annual Budget and Three years of Financials?

A: One copy of the budget and one copy of the three years of financials.

Q: Can we supply financial balance sheets that we have done for the three years of audits?

A: No, they must be from an independent auditor if this has been done for your entity. If not, we will accept a three year history of the F-66 or F-32 form, as reported/submitted to the Dept. of Audit.

Q: If the information on the Loan Resolution from Part I application does not change do we need to redo it for Part II application?

A: No, you do not need to redo the Loan Resolution

Q: What other financial information is needed?

A: All information to document your listed repayment source on the Loan Resolution, such as taxes, special accounts statements, user fees ordinances/resolutions (both old and new so rate adjustments can be verified), etc.

Q: If we are applying for the October board meeting, we are considered in compliance with the Department of Audit as of September 30th, why do we need to do our annual reporting to them early?

A: Because the meeting is held the first week of October, Board Matters are prepared (2-3 weeks) prior to that meeting. We need to be able to verify compliance prior to the end of September.

Q: Can the pages listing debt from our financials be submitted instead of the general finance form?

A: No – complete the form provided in the application(s).

Biennium Funding

FY17 Direct Distribution August 15, 2016 & January 15, 2017

Direct Distribution August 15, 2015

Direct Distribution August 15, 2014

2015/2016 Countywide Consensus

Direct Distribution August 15, 2013

Direct Distribution August 15, 2012

2013/2014 Countywide Consensus

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